Sex Police

by Sex Police

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All tracks by Alexis Ford
except for 5. written by the Stooges


released February 19, 2011

Recorded & Mastered in Livonia by Alexis Ford, Thom & Andy Elliott



all rights reserved


Sex Police Ypsilanti, Michigan

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Track Name: This Town Is Trouble
in my car driving fast as fuck
trying to get away from my bad luck
I hit the clutch & shift into gear
I'm headed out anywhere but here

drivin all night
drivin all day
this town is trouble and I'm running away

I take a left at the next light
and drive for miles into the night
I left a mess in my hometown
but hell or highwater I ain't turning round


I skipped town on the double
gotta get away fast cuz I'm in trouble
I ain't gonna say what I did wrong
but I messed up and gotta move along


I'm gonna wander and I'm gonna roam
I'd rather die than go back home
I got no plans and no destination
adios amigos I'm on permanent vacation

Track Name: Let's Have Sex In The Crazy House
I couldn't take the outside world no more
so I earned a trip to the psych e.r.
I'm gonna be in for a good long while
even though I'm sedated I have certain desires

let's have sex in the crazy house
it'll be fun for you and me
as long as we can not get caught
by the nurses or the orderlies

they pilled me up and structured my time
talked all at me put me to bed at nine
the coffee's all decaf and the food tastes like nothing
I need some stimuli I gotta feel something


they locked me up and took away my keys
hoping soon they'd rehabilitate me
they let me have visitors for an hour or two
but we don't need that much time for what I wanna do


they won't let me smoke they won't let me cry
its so miserable I still wanna die
I'm not really happy and I'm not really sad
just kinda devious wanna do something bad

Track Name: I'm Afraid
you know I need your company
but I'm a mess you just can't see
I'll take every bit of attention
but I have feelings I don't dare mention

I'm afraid to fall in love
I'm afraid to fall for you
I'm afraid of my emotions
I'm afraid of what I'll do

why is it that it's always painful
my actions leave me feeling shameful
you want to be my one and only
I'll break your heart and leave you lonely


my heart went cold when I was young
it's too late to be undone
turn away and don't hesitate
leave me now before it's too late